Madera Now

Christ, Community, and CANEI are more than just words to us. Here are our values in action.

Neci Shepherd sings the National Anthem at the 2018 TAA Conference.  Watch what happens when the microphone fails her.  After the performance, Neci commented:  "The crazy thing is, I never thought about stopping. I just told myself that now I would just have to sing louder. Then, just like on cue, everyone starting singing with me. It was an incredible feeling. It was great to see that same love that I have for my country in so many others."

Madera's directors join our managers, Neci and Erica, to perform our own version of Proud Mary, a song we wrote called "Proud Madera"

Our very own Erica Spence singing the National Anthem at the 2017 Texas Apartment Association Education Conference and Trade Show.

Dave Marcinkowski, Partner of Madera Residential, giving his farewell address as President of the Texas Apartment Association.

Meet Neci, Madera's very own Property Manager and armed forces veteran! Neci served as an Army Staff Sergeant in both the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of operations. We are very appreciative of her service to our country, and are so lucky to have her on our Madera team!

Madera Residential volunteer photo 1

Joining Forces with the Forth Worth Police Department (FWPD) and SWAT Departments

Madera Residential teamed up with the Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD) and SWAT departments and hosted a community egg hunt for the 76112 neighborhood on March 12th, 2016. The managers did a great job putting this together! Many thanks to everyone who came together with creative ideas for this event. In the future, more events like this are to be planned and hosted by Madera Residential, FWPD, and SWAT.

Recipient of the 2015 Outstanding Citizen Crime Prevention Award

Texas Chisolm Trail Crime Prevention Association, which consist of many law enforcement entities presented Madera Residential, the Outstanding Citizen Crime Prevention Award in 2015. The award was given in appreciation for dedication and commitment to crime prevention. At the awards ceremony, it was shared that among the 14 Madera Residential properties in a single zip code, crime was reduced by 80%.

Partnership with Family Gateway

Madera Residential values groups like Family Gateway that bring community to life for those facing challenges in their lives. These pictures show a group of Goldman Sachs employees who spent their own time and money to furnish an apartment unit for a family at one of our Dallas communities. The family’s daughter has sickle cell anemia which had bankrupted their family and made them homeless. Cathy Packard, the Executive Director for Family Gateway, sent us these pictures along with a thank you from the family saying none of this would have been possible without the willingness of Madera Residential to partner with Family Gateway.

Madera Residential volunteer photo 2