Building community at Madera Residential

Building Communities

Madera Residential looks for apartment communities where we can add value. We understand these properties are more than just bricks and mortar; these are people’s homes. Adding value is a process that includes renovating the physical structure, applying our world-class management systems, and promoting a culture that values people and relationships.

World Class Management provided by Madera Residential

World Class Management

Madera Residential has spent the last 25+ years developing a set of best practices that we apply at all of our communities. We are constantly innovating and developing our operational systems (CANEI). Our managers are equipped with the best training available from our local, state, and national apartment associations. The leadership of Madera Residential has led the Texas Apartment Association, the National Apartment Association Education Institute, and will soon be leading the National Apartment Association. 

Physical Structure

Over the years we have learned what people value in their apartment homes. We use our years of experience to develop a renovation program for each property according to the needs of that community. Not all Madera Residential properties are exactly alike, but our values and strategy are obvious throughout all of our communities.

Valuing People and Relationships

The Madera Way is all about building relationships with those we touch from our residents, vendors, investors, and employees to the apartment industry, and the greater community as a whole. In other words, we understand we have to value people in order to add value. We understand we are not perfect, but this is the standard we wish to measure ourselves by. We believe people come first, and we strive to achieve that every day.

Valuing people and relationships at Madera Residential